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Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket

We have a nice selection of smoking-related accessories. Many have been requested by customers, as they’re hard to find at reasonable prices.

Pocket Humidor Case
Reg. $29.95 While they last… $14.95
It’s a real humidor, hand-crafted in Maine. Spanish cedar lined within a real leather case, it contains a humidification stick to keep two cigars humidor-fresh for weeks at a time!
TO MAILORDER, CALL 1-888-712-8887

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Keep your stogies fresh on the golf course or wherever you may be with a Humidi-Pak…only $3.95
Your humidor keeps your cigars fresh at home — the Humidi-Pak keeps them fresh on the golf course, a hunting trip, a business trip, wherever. A self-regulating zip-lock ‘humidor bag’, the Humidi-Pak maintains ideal 70% humidity by adding or depleting moisture as needed for 6-8 weeks, and it holds up to 6 full-size cigars! This is also an ideal way to ship a few cigars to someone as a gift* — they arrive as fresh as the day they came out of our humidor, with no freshness lost in shipment.
* Tobacco products are sold in-store and by mail order from Texas residents only (age verification required).

other top-of-the-line accessories
humidors – a selection of affordable full-size all wood humidors as well as desk-top and travel humidors; humidifiers; hygrometers; cigar cases in real and imitation leather; cigar wallet cases and travel cases; silver, gold and other cutters; punches; tobacco pouches; smoker candles; smokeless ashtrays for home and car; and a very nice selection of Zippo lighters.We also have the largest selection in North Texas of ashtrays, including crystal, as well as flasks, money clips and other gift items.

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